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To send Playdoh to Cam'ren, please send to P.O. Box 1093 Troy, AL 36081-1093.



The Playdoh Artist

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When Cam'ren was about five years old, we sat in a doctors office due to some stomach problems he was having. Playdoh in his hands and a confused look on his face, the doctor entered and said, "What you got in your hands?" I replied, "He's nonverbal." She lovingly smiled and spoke to him and followed his hand to show her what hurt. After she left, I saw a butterfly on the wall and said, "Hey Cam'ren, I bet you can't make that." He smiled, fumbled with the playdoh and handed it to me. In shock, of course I smiled.

Working with Playdoh is very soothing for him and in the moment of peace, he begins to create. Only God can give such a beautiful gift. As he got older, I figured, hey he's 16, let's put the playdoh away, but I realize now, I was taking from him the very thing that soothed him from the ugliness of the world, from the pain of being different, from the pain of not being accepted. I sobbed knowing that he needed his playdoh no matter what I had to deny myself of to get it and before I knew it, he was creating again. "Hey ma. Look what I made." I simply smile in awe and say, "Cam'ren that's beautiful." 

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