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Just a Little More About Me 8.31.2018 10:59 a.m.

I am also the mother of two amazing you men. We are a family of faith, art, and creativity where we all stand in the gifts and talents in which God has given us. I have always dreamed of my novel becoming a feature film, so I decided to step out on faith and become an independent director and producer. While embarking upon this journey, I have realized that it's not an easy walk in the park; however, I continue to challenge myself and press forward in confidence that I can do all things through Christ who give me strengthen. I see a bigger vision than just the novel. If other novels can go from book to screen, my novel can too. Many would quit if their novel didn't become a best best seller, but not me. I'm just getting started. 


I am woman devoted to succeeding  for my children. I'm devoted to breaking unwanted cycles in my life so that I can watch my son's thrive in the beauty of Christ first, then success. You know, I always tell them that their millionaires and they look at me like, "Okay." I teach my children that there's no challenge too hard for God and as I pour into them who they are in Christ, I encourage them to give back to those who are less fortunate. Remember, as I succeed, many families impacted by Autism will also succeed because the challenges we face only made us stronger.  But hey, there:

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Meet the CEO & Founder of 

Film By Faith Productions LLC.

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Hi! My name is Lakisha Ginyard Louissaint & I'm the CEO & Founder of Film By Faith Productions LLC, as well as the director & executive producer of No Perfect Love.  I would like to first thank each & every person & business that for donating towards the filming of my first INDIE feature film No Perfect Love.  Thank you for believing in me & my dream to take my novel from Pages to Screen.

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