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On this faith journey, there will be days when you're excited, days when you praise God, and days when you question Him. There will be days when you shed many tears & even days when you want to give up, but it's imperative that you keep moving. Your willingness to humbly take the necessary baby steps in the face of discouragement will eventually lead you to your destination.  ~Lakisha G. Louissaint

Film By Faith Productions LLC

A Place Where We Step Out in Faith to Pursue Our Dreams!!!

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Our Story of Faith

December 2019, I began the journey of taking almost 400 pages of my novel A Broken Marriage with Hidden Secrets & breaking it down to 77 pages for the world to have a visual of such an amazing story of faith. But in 2020 COVID took the world by storm. It added to the already challenge of making sure that my cast & crew were able to film on the same day. Then, the industry shut down, which meant that I too had to stop production. It felt like my dreams were over until we began safely filming again while following safety protocols. Listennnnn, the face mask were hot, but oh well, we were getting the job done. Money got low & yet again my faith was being tested. I had days of doubt, many many days of tears, and days that I wanted to give up, but would that truly be filming by faith. Soooo, I sucked it up and did what I had to do. Needless to say, No Perfect Love will be coming soon.


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Tarama L. Fleming as Ms. Lula in No Perfect Love (Director) Lakisha G. Louissaint.png
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Our Supporters

I would like to first thank each & every person & business for donating towards the filming of my first INDIE feature film.  Thank you all for believing in me & my dream to take my novel from Pages to Screen.

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