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Martavious specializes in realistic art and stands on Philippians 2:13 "For it is God that works through us." 



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The Artist

I remember when Martavious was younger. I would challenge him to several drawing contest in which I would always excitingly win, that is until one day he drew a ninja turtle and I just knew that he traced it, but to my surprise, God was allowing the gift within him to shine through, but the long pause, I mean years of him no longer wanting to draw puzzled me. Then around age 19, he begin again, but this time it was different. His creativity was better than before. One day he came to show me his work and said, "Philippians 4:13 for it is God who works through me." And the rest is history.  

To see the look on his aunts face, makes me smile each time. She is one of his biggest supporters as she is his brother. It soothes my heart to see that he and his younger brother are doing better than I could ever do at their age.  The cycle is breaking. Take a moment to admire his work and be sure to contact him for a quote to draw whatever is dear to your heart. I promise... he won't let you down. 

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Art by Martavious.jpg
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