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Give Her Back Her Crown: Empowering Women to Rebuild the Walls of Broken Queens


God has been so persistent in our lives. He's been persistent in loving us, forgiving us, providing for us, covering us, protecting us, and giving us back our crowns that the world and many other broken Queens have managed to tilt or snatch away through their own pain. But things can change if we simply learn to love, forgive, cover, and encourage one another just as Christ has done for us. We must remember that our truest identity is in who we really are; not the illusion of who we Hope will be Accepted! 


So, even when her crown tilts; straighten it. If it falls; pick it up and place it back on her head. If she feels unworthy; remind her of who she is in Christ. But whatever you do, don't you dare take it. Give Her Back Her Crown!


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