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When I think of this word, so many things come to mind. Relationships, friendships, etc... I think about the conditions that the world establishes love on, you know like, "I'll love you if..." And for a minute there, I fell into that trap and it poisoned so much in my life. I didn't know how to receive love from others anymore because that love hurt. It put me in a protective bubble. It closed my heart to the idea of love. Then, when I was introduced to God's unconditional love, I was very skeptical of its authenticity, its realness, its ability to not let me down as many had already done. I pondered in my mind, how could God love someone as jacked up as me with overloads of mistakes that I've made because that wasn't my experience with the world. The worlds love left me wounded and guarded with an unwillingness to let others in. Can you relate to this? Anyway, somehow God's grace and mercy convinced me that He could love me just as I was. It wasn't people that convinced me of this, It was God. Don't get me wrong, I don't have love all together. I'm taking one day at a time because we truly can't give what we don't have for ourselves. My daily prayer is "God help me to love myself as You love me so that I can spill that love over into the cups of others. Remember,

Worldly Love = Poison (but) God's Love = The Antidote

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