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The Key!

The biggest prison in the world is the prison of labels. It affects millions upon millions of people daily. Awareness is not always brought to this subject because

Awareness = Freedom

Bringing Awareness to this subject opens doors to encouragement that will cheer them on. We don't always see things in this matter due to our own distorted perceptions of what we see, think, or feel about those affected. We say faith, but speak defeat over their lives. We say encourage, but in turn discourage them in solitary confinement in their minds; therefore, causing more pain than before. We say Jesus can heal, but we promote religion instead of the unconditional love of God. Our actions and distorted perceptions of those affected by labels makes matters worse, not better, sending them back into a whirlwind of sadness awaiting to be rescued. So, today speak life. Give hugs, and say. "I love you." Encourage them through the bad days and laugh with them through the good. Don't leave them secluded the due to a limited amount of empathy, care, kindness, and the gentleness God has given you. Today, be the key that sets them free as you love them through.

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